Hnf Nicolai XD3 45Kmh 2021

The XD3 is the sporty powerhouse among the premium e-bikes. Depending on your application, it is either your City e-Bike for extended tours off the road, or it serves as your e-MTB – but with perfect suitability for the city thanks to the high-quality and inconspicuous Supernova lighting system and the Wingee mudguard luggage carrier.

It features the most powerful engines from BOSCH (4th generation “2020”), the largest Bosch battery with 625 Wh (1125 optional), the indestructible maintenance-free Gates carbon belt and the continuously variable transmission Enviolo TR (or optional Rohloff 500 e14). Equipped like this, the XD3 leaves nothing to be desired. With the additionally available Dual Battery Option, the energy reserve even rises to a huge 1125 Wh.

The new Bosch Performance Speed supports up to 45 km/h and its dimensions are 48% smaller than its predecessor. The low weight of only 2.9 kg and the powerful acceleration of 85 Nm make it the ideal engine for anyone who needs a little more speed or is a commuter looking for a replacement for their previous mobility solution.

VTC / Vélo Tout Chemin
Hnf Nicolai XD3 45Kmh
L’année du modèle
Taille du cadre
Plusieurs tailles disponibles
Groupe (transmission)
Enviolo TR TR
Type de freins
Disque (hydraulique)
Infos sur l’E-bike
Type d’e-bike
Speed Pedelec (<45 Km/u)
Bosch Performance Line
Emplacement du moteur
axe de pédalier
625 Wh (1125 optional)
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